In March 2017 the residents and property owners in Dogpatch and Northwest Potrero cast their ballots for 7 people to represent their interests on the 15 person GBD Board of Directors.

The board oversees the GBD’s programs and investments. Board members are accountable to their neighbors for spending their tax dollars effectively and efficiently.

Board Members by Seat

Property Owners

Jean Bogiages - Northwest Potrero Hill (CHAIR)
Robert Broucaret - Northwest Potrero Hill
Janet Carpinelli - Dogpatch
Michele Davis, UCSF - Dogpatch
Susan Eslick - Dogpatch (TREASURER)
Jesse Herzog - Dogpatch (VICE-CHAIR)
James Naylor - Dogpatch
Alison Sullivan - Dogpatch
Alex Goretsky - Dogpatch


Kate Eppler - Northwest Potrero Hill (SECRETARY)
Kristel Craven - Dogpatch
Nicky Jacobson - Dogpatch

Green Space Advocates

Phillip Pierce - Friends of the Urban Forest
Kat Sawyer - Tap the Sky
Michael Yarne - Build Public


Executive Team

Jean Bogiages, Chair
Jesse Herzog, Vice-Chair
Kate Eppler, Secretary
Susan Eslick, Treasurer
Janet Carpinelli, Member at Large
Michael Yarne, Member at Large


Kat Sawyer, Chair
Robert Broucaret
Janet Carpinelli
Jesse Herzog
James Naylor
Phil Pierce

community relations

Susan Eslick
Phil Pierce
Alison Sullivan
Michael Yarne



If you have any questions for the board please fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.