2017 Board Candidates

2017 Elections for Green Benefit District Board of Directors will take place March 8-28.   Ballots will be sent to property owners from the company, Vote-Now. Owners with multiple properties will receive one ballot.   For each ballot,  the vote will be weighted based on the GBD assessment using the formula:  Vote Weight = 1 + (Assessment /3000).  

The open seats for the 2017 Election are:

  • Dogpatch Property Owner (3 seats)
  • Dogpatch Residential or Commercial Tenant (2 seats)
  • NW Potrero Hill Residential or Commercial Tenant (1 seat)
  • Green Space Advocate (1 seat)

Three incumbents, who drew 1-year terms in the previous initial election, are seeking reelection.

To see Candidate statements and photos Click the buttons below.

1st Annual GBD Stakeholders & Friends Party

Please sign up to join your neighbors and friends.

Learn about what the GBD has done this year and let us know what you think about it!

Wednesday, March 8,  6:00-8:30 PM

1275 Minnesota Street

Join special guests Supervisor Malia Cohen, City Attorney & neighbor Dennis Herrera, Public Works Director & GBD sponsor Mohammed Nuru, our hosts Andy & Deborah Rappaport, founders of the Minnesota Street Project, plus neighbors and friends for a celebration of Dogpatch, NW Potrero Hill and the first ever Green Benefit District. Members meeting at 6:00 followed at 6:30 by music, food, and friends in a great venue. 


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